Most popular retirement destinations in Australia

06 Aug 2018

seasideAccording to a study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians are retiring later than planned and instead staying in the workforce for longer. 23% of people aged 45 and over intend to retire past the age of 70, compared to just 8% in 2005. This is mainly due to Australians choosing to feel financially secure by easing into retirement rather than retiring straight away, and doing so by lessening their work hours.

Retirement is a time to reward yourself for years of hard work. If you’re looking to retire in Australia, here are the top three most popular destinations worth looking into:

Tweed Heads, NSW
Tweed Heads is mainly a favourite destination among retirees due to its mild climate and affordable, yet enjoyable, lifestyle. The average age of its residents is 54, seeing as many choose to retire in this splendid area! This will allow you to make part of a friendly and welcoming community. Another perk to residing in Tweed Heads is the excellent nature and wide variety of national parks to choose from.

Port Macquarie, NSW
Among the many reasons to move here, the diverse natural attractions are bound to be the most tempting. Wetlands, forests and mountain regions are all to be seen here. The area is best known for its lovely beaches, beautiful climate and its safe and homely environment. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Port Macquarie is more than ideal. Otherwise, there are plenty of great restaurants and fun festivals to explore. The average retirement age here is 47.

Sunshine Coast, QLD
Living in the Sunshine Coast will leave you feeling relaxed and optimistic on the daily. This is partially due to the constant sunshine, but also the community atmosphere. There are some stunning beaches and national parks to enjoy, and being close to Brisbane, there are several options for those who choose to move here. However, the environment remains to be peaceful and quiet.