Tesla Model 3 EV sales set records

02 Oct 2019

Tesla’s Model 3 electric sedan is expected to be a popular buy in Australia and will not only help in the addition of electric vehicles in the country but also will double Tesla’s cumulative of Tesla EV sales annually. 

It is being reported that Australia brought in more Model 3 EVs in September than the total sales of Model S and Model X electric vehicles that Tesla had in 2018, which was close to 1,200. 

Model 3 sales are estimated to have reached 1,500 in September. The sales of electric vehicles have been flouring in Australia as passengers are opting to stay away from cars that run on fuel due to the rise in fuel prices, which also highlights the shift in the Australian automotive market. 

Tesla’s chairperson Robyn Denholm also got involved in delivering the Model 3 vehicles in Sydney due to the number of sales. It is estimated that around 200 electric vehicles were being delivered daily in the last days of September 

Despite Tesla not verifying the amount of sales made in each individual country, it is believed that the Model 3 EV is placed in Australia’s top 5 passenger car sales in September. 

The Driven reports that around 2,414 Model 3 vehicles were shipped in Australia on the first three cargo ships.