Fastest growing jobs identified

30 Jan 2020

A report carried out by Seek, an Australian employment marketplace, identified the country’s fastest growing jobs from all sectors. 

It noted that there was an increase in the number of job adverts put up by businesses from the community and development sector last year. The report showed a rise of 8.7%. The next best sector to perform was healthcare and medical, with a 7.8% growth. Ads from the mining, resources and energy sector rose by 4.5%. 

NAB Economist Kaixin Owyong suggested that community services and development grew the most as “There is significant spending across the industry due to the NDIS, and this is creating demand for talent.” 

Moreover, “The increase [in healthcare and medical ads] is largely due to greater demands of the growing and aging population,” whereas “The growth in [mining]job ads is in line with the upturn in the mining industry.”

On the other hand, Seek’s report suggested that Design & Architecture industry saw the biggest drop last year, having offered 23.2% less job ads when compared to 2019. Construction dropped by 17.5%. 

Owyong explained, “The slowdown in the housing market last year had an impact on both architecture and construction. The good news for these industries is that the market is almost back to its peak.”