Australian universities attracting international students

10 Sep 2019

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) latest report showed that Australian universities are attracting several foreign students to go continue their studies there. The report highlighted how enrolment in tertiary education institutions in Australia is higher than other countries. 

The number of international students studying at Australian universities is increasing, being almost half of all enrolments for masters and a third of doctoral students. The OECD’s annual report conveyed that 21% of tertiary enrolments is made up of foreign students, whereas universities from other countries have a 6% average of international students. Higher-degree courses are leading Australia to become dependent on foreign students.

An associate professor at UNSW, Jihyun Lee said, ‘Currently, Australian universities depend on international students for their survival of higher-degree programs… While the Australian government provides up to four years of post-degree stay for international students, it is inevitable that Australia faces a drain of highly educated specialists.’

Catriona Jackson, chief executive of peak body Universities Australia, continued to show illustrate how the number of international students studying in Australian universities benefits the country: ‘International higher-degree students are a fundamental part of our growing international research collaborations with benefits for the nation and for our economy. And once they graduate, they form a global knowledge network who are very important for Australia’s connections worldwide.’