Australian government adds to package amid outbreak

02 Apr 2020

In order to help businesses in this challenging period, Australian authorities have announced that they will be provided free childcare for six months. 

Australia have started to see the first signs of “flattening the curve” of the fast-spreading coronavirus. 

So far, a package worth A$200 billion has been confirmed by the Australian government, in support of a number of sectors including airlines and retailers. The number of benefits announced were given in order to “hibernate” the country’s economy.

During a press conference, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “We will demonstrate to the world here in Australia how such societies can deal with these sorts of challenges our way, the Australian way."

He continued to urge the public, “So stay positive, Australia. Stay connected, stay strong. We will get through this together."

Similar to many other countries, Australia has imposed restrictions on public movement to hinder the virus from continuing to spread. To date, around 5,200 infections and 25 deaths have been reported.

Health Minister Greg Hunt explained, “The curve is beginning to flatten. It isn't sustained yet, it hasn't been consolidated, but those early, important signs are absolutely critical."

The Australian PM noted that they are doing very well in testing numbers. “We are the first country to the best of our knowledge that has been able to exceed that mark."