Australia sees increase in online shoppers

28 May 2019

paymentRecent data from the Australia Post has revealed Australia to be a nation of online shoppers, 9News reports.

The Inside Australian Online Shopping Report showed that over the last decade, letter deliveries have decreased while parcel deliveries have surged, with 3.3 billion items having been delivered to more than 12 million addresses last year.

As the Australia Post estimates, online shopping makes up every 1 in 10 dollars spent on a yearly basis in Australia, totalling to an estimated $27.5 billion, which is a 24% increase on the same time the year prior.

Comparatively, we see traditional shopping rising by a mere 3% in trend terms in the year to March.

As the ABS revealed, over a quarter of online shopping is done through the phone, therefore proving that technology is now advanced and convenient enough to provide for a significant number of online shoppers. Online shopping sales on desktop devices dropped by 11% over the past year, while laptops decreased by 5% - but shopping through mobiles soared by nearly 29%.

The recent surge in instant finance sites have also contributed to an increase in online shoppers due to a boost in convenience.

Furthermore, online shoppers were shown to mainly shop between 7pm and 10pm in the evening.

A 31% increase was recorded for next-day deliveries in the past year, and fashion items account for around 62% of these purchases. Evidently, consumers are now less eager to wait 3-5 days for deliveries, so delivery businesses must now work to keep up with the growing demand for instant service by bettering logistics capacity. Data showed that $1 billion will need to be spent over the next couple of years to fulfil this demand.

Additionally, changes in the Australian dollar were shown to not impact online shopping.